Soar your cryptocurrency portfolio with Lucid Tokens.

There are many ways to become LCID holder. Choose one of them and take part of the ultimate blockchain project in technology.

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How to get LCID

Lucid Token Address

How to hold LCID


The easiest way to store and buy LCID. Register at any wallet, add custom token using lcid contract address, deposit and manage your coins.

Receive, send, trade with LCID

Lucid Token

Take full control of technology. Create wallet, buy $LCID, save it securely and hodl.

Once you have created wallet, you can buy LCID with cryptocurrencies. We recommend Metamask or Trust wallet for storage. Quickbuy option is the best possibility for people who would like to hodl or trade.

Buy now with crypto

Purchase amount (USD)

You will receive approximately* * 1 USD = 10 LCID, 50 USD minimum buy

Your BSC (Bep20) address in format 0xXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXX Don't have wallet yet? Download it and create account in a minute

You will be redirected to Please note that it may take up to a few hours to deposit your funds, depending on the cryptocurrency you are using. A notification will be sent via e-mail once the funds have been deposited.

Buy LCID with crypto

The easiest way to get LCID.

Quickly purchase with top cryptocurrencies

Become LCID coin owner in minutes using crypto payment gateway. Proceed your payment in just a few clicks.

Receive LCID right in to your wallet

Take control of your funds.

Where are the coins from?

The coins are bought on the market.

Direct Deposit

The second option is to deposit USDT(Bep20) or BNB(Bep20) from your wallet to "0x6d4f31b70E142513F31bD08B304d0ed8b4988122".
N.B: Do not deposit directly from exchange as your coins won't be credited until listed. Your LCID funds are deposited to the receiving address, and can be managed in your wallet. As we mentioned above, this option is recommended for users who wish to participate in $LCID ICO.

1. Register a wallet
2. Deposit USDT(Bep20) or BNB(Bep20) to your wallet
3. Send equivalent to ICO address
4. Add contract address as a custom token if wallet is yet to add.
5. View $LCID in your wallet.

This option is dedicated to crypto-crypto payments.


LCID will be available to trade on major exchanges and you can buy or sell coins there. LCID will be also available on PancakeSwap and Uniswap from April 2022. It is a step towards wider popularization of our coin and ecosystem.

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